Lesson 1: Radar Detection Basics

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For a list of donors to the Texas EquuSearch (TES) SV Nina Fund, please scroll down to the bottom of this page. If you contributed even one dollar and your name does not appear on this updates page, (or if you want to be unidentified and listed as anonymous) then please contact TES at their headquarters, contacts at www.TXEQ.org

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Please understand, the volunteers thank you:

1.    No One "Hired" Texas EquuSearch.

2.    A Special Fund was created to fund the Nina Search.

3.    Texas EquuSearch is made up of unpaid Volunteers.

4.    Texas EquuSearch and its Supporters saves the US taxpayers millions each year.

5.    Texas EquuSearch needs public support to continue helping families.

6.    The Income and Donations below are for the Special Nina Fund.


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